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Poster: Darrell Wright Date: Apr 3, 2006 1:33am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: The Worst Movie Ever Made

“Jay and Silent Bob move over, new film might change the stoner comedy film formula forever.”

April 1, 2006

ANDERSON, INDIANA------Darrell Wright, creator of the controversial anti-war short film Armageddon (previously televised on CAN-TV), and D.A. Wright officially announced the release of the worst movie ever made--The Great Dope Hunt. This new film blends reality based video footage with redneck / stoner comedy to spoof illegal drug trade and how far some will go to achieve fifteen minutes of fame.

The story plot is simple. After a local drug dealer is arrested on drug possession charges, his friends must locate his hidden marijuana stash before the police can confiscate it. Yet what makes this film a gem, for the internet anyways, is the intentional use of poor quality audio and video with a modernized comedy style similar to Looney Tunes Cartoons.

There are two different film edits on the internet. At IFILM, there is a special 38 minute streaming edit which contains a link to the 65 minute Director’s Cut details / download page. Although the IFILM version presents an easy to view quick glance of the film, the real insanity lies within the Director‘s Cut. Here, we discover the author‘s true intentions--to poke fun at reality television and internet films. (Both links are provided below for your enjoyment.)

Although, there are rumors stating Darrell and D.A. ended their partnership after the film’s completion, two of the movies main characters--Billy Joe Bobâ (D.A.) and Bobby Joe Billâ (Darrell)--are registered trademarks. If the film does well, it is possible, these two will settle their differences and continue playing these characters. Darrell has claimed the current separation from his brother will allow him to continue creating his style of internet films and allow D.A. to create his own style of independent filmmaking. However, this has been unsubstantiated.

This is D.A.’s first film and the introduction of his company Knight’s Studios. Darrell has been creating web films for nearly three years now. A complete resume of his work can be found at:

The Great Dope Hunt (IFILM Edit) can be streamed at:

The Great Dope Hunt (Directors Cut) can be downloaded at: . There are several different file formats available, including Mpeg-4 formats created exclusively for video iPod.